Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Language Time

Kal-El still can't walk. Not only has his injury disrupted our usual schedule this week, but it has made our school time look bit different. He can't move around the school room and choose materials like he usually can, the materials have to come to him. Me Too has been getting a lot of one-on-one time in the school room. Today he built the binomial cube outside the box, matched continents on the sandpaper globe and the colored continents globe, and worked with rhyming words.

After naps I have been setting up our kitchen table much like a little "language" table that a Montessori directress might have in her classroom where she would accomplish one-on-one work. Before the end of naps I assemble our sandpaper letters, chalkboard, sand tray, and movable alphabet. I also have been bringing in some word lists, sentences with pictures, and short story books. There is are generally relationships between the sandpaper letters we review, the words on the word lists, and the words in the sentences and stories.

Over the course of the last couple days we've talked about vowels and consonants, periods, and when to capitalize.

We begin our sessions with sandpaper letters, the sand tray, and the chalkboard. Kal-El is concentrating on improving his handwriting. For example, he is working hard not to lift his finger when he feels the sandpaper letter and translating that to the sand tray and chalkboard. In the picture below you can see in the word "dAd" precisely how timely our discussion of "when to capitalize" has been.

We have also been working on solving "b" and "d" reversals that have cropped up again.

Me Too keeps busy with the magnetic letters on the refrigerator while we do this.

When we are done with Kal-El's handwriting work Me Too takes over the sand tray and chalkboard. Kal-El and I move on to reading some individual words, then sentences, and finally a little story book that I prepare.

Afterward I ask him to spell some words from the story using the movable alphabet.

From there, he expands the lesson himself by writing some sentences of his own invention, usually inspired by the story. Today's story was about a boy named "Tad" who plays baseball. Kal-El "invented" the name "Zab" and wrote some sentences.

He is also interested in what happens to words when he adds "too many letters." For example, he liked to add "z" after "z" to "Zab" or "zoo" and ask me to "read it." He also likes to add extra "c's" to the front of "can." By the time he's done I am reading sentences like "C...C...Can I g..g...go to the zzzzzzzzzoo?" He thinks it is hilarious when I "stutter."

Kal-El asked for me to bring out his underwater scene today. Both boys spent some time with these. It has evolved into a bit of a "land, water, air" exercise as they determine where they would like to place the objects on the scenes.


  1. Thank you for sharing your language lesson. Sounds like Kal-El has been learning lots of important concepts. Hope he has a speedy recovery!

  2. I have been quietly reading your blog for months now, thank your for sharing all your ideas, they have really helped in preparing to start homeschooling my little one.
    I am now a follower!