Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School Day

These are just some highlights from our time inside the school room yesterday.

Me Too received his first numbers and counters presentation.

He really likes Math works and I suspect he'll catch up to Kal-El quickly and they will be working through most of the math sequence in tandem. Who knows, maybe he'll even move ahead. It doesn't matter. That's part of what I love about Montessori

Threading spools...

Kal-El (wearing his swimsuit, I don't know why. It is new. He really likes it.) completing the decanomial square/table of Pythagoras.

Afterwards, we went outside to work on one of our projects for our upcoming "birds" work. We sited and installed four birdhouses in various locations around our property. My Dad made me some great birdhouses ten years ago that have traveled with us to no fewer than three houses now. This is the first house we have owned that doesn't have enough trees to nail them to. I picked up some inexpensive field fence posts that I could easily push into the soft earth with my foot. The boys helped me find some sheltered places in the yard that we could place them where we could also see them from the windows.

When we were finished we came in the house for lunch. I though Me Too was joking when he announced that there was a bird in the new bird house visible from kitchen table. He wasn't. We had our first "showing" less than 30 minutes after installation.

I took this picture through our patio doors. I didn't get that great of a picture. I think this is a house sparrow but I haven't put a lot of effort into confirming that at this point. With my luck, it is probably some kind of mean bird that likes to chase nice birds away from birdhouses, or steal their eggs, but for now I'm saying "house sparrow."

Later this week we plan to get bird feeders and a bird bath available for visitors outside our school room window.

The boys are really excited. Kal-El took out his bird field guild after lunch and did some colored pencil drawings of the bird we saw. He also took a pencil, paper, and his field guide upstairs for quiet time this afternoon. He said he had to do "homework." I have no idea where he learned that word "homework." He's a funny kid. Although, don't tell him that. Monday Kal-El informed me that Me Too is a "funny kid" and said "I don't want to be a 'funny' kid like Me Too, I want to be an 'important' kid." That sentence makes more sense when you know a couple other things. Firstly, that he uses the word "serious" somewhat interchangeably with "important" right now. Secondly, that he complains about his library class because they sing too many "funny" or "silly" songs and he wants to sing about "real things." And lastly, that he had recently watched an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and the Thomas program refers frequently to doing "important work."

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  1. My just turned three year old does "homework" too, which is drawing, gluing and stickers next to my desk in the study. Too cute! She gets it from her 15 year old brother, though. :)

  2. Like your boy, my princes loves to wear Ariel's dress or Mulans!!!lol but she never try the beach clotes!!!lol Love the decanomial work!!! Amazing Job!! and the lacing one!!!

    Thanks for share it!!