Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Color Box Three

Well, this hardly ever happens. Someone in this house showed an interest in color box 3.

If you can't tell from his outfit, Me Too's favorite color is green. He will do or eat almost anything as long as it's green. I tried to harness this by removing only the green tiles from color box three and putting them in a basket on the shelf.

That color box must be sprayed with kid repellent or something. It didn't work. However, today, a month later Me Too brought them to me and asked me to present them again.

The next thing I know, bada bing bada boom, there they are all laid out in order from lightest to darkest on the window seat. I guess I'll put a new color in the basket for tomorrow.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow! That is great! I never bought the color boxes, I made them with paint samples, but Bunny did them once and NEVER again! I think you are right about the kid repelant! :) But who knows maybe Pup will like them someday!

    Oh I linked to your blog in my last post about our new trinomial cube! Bunny wanted one SO bad after she saw your boys doing it! :)