Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unhappy Feet

It has not been a good "school" week around here. Monday involved dentist appointments for all three of us one after another which took up most of the morning. This was followed by a trip back to the orthopedist. It has been more than two weeks since Kal-El had his cast removed and he is still limping terribly. I called a week ago and asked to come in and they basically said it was normal and that I was wasting their time. Because they wouldn't put us in as an emergency appointment we had to wait until this Monday. I'm glad we wasted their time because after I explained my concerns to the orthopedist (limping, bowing, asymmetry, continued swelling below the ankle bones) he x-rayed the foot/ankle for the FOURTH time. He discovered that not only had the fibula been broken but also the calcaneus (large bone of the heel). It can be very hard to spot a break in a child of Kal-El's age apparently. This later stage of healing made the break more visible. The upshot of all this is that with two breaks and a break in that location the cast should have been left on for 6 weeks, not 3.5. Great. And it took us two weeks post cast to get this information. Now Kal-El is wearing a boot for the next three weeks.

I am REALLY sorry I took the boys sledding.

Yesterday my Mom was going to come and visit us. Instead, there was a change of plan and we went to visit HER. On Sunday she took a spill and massively sprained her ankle. She and Kal-El now have matching boots. My Mom is also sporting a handsome walker.

As if the boot were not enough, Kal-El woke up in the night seriously coughing (sorry about the germs Mom, we didn't know he was sick). On the heels of Me Too having his lungs x-rayed two weeks ago because they thought he had pneumonia I couldn't be less thrilled about Kal-El's similar sounding cough. I'm pretty sure it's a different strain than Me Too had because as of this hour Me Too (who had recovered) is starting to cough again too.

This has been quite a winter. I'm glad nothing has been more serious and that we are basically okay, but I am ready to cry "uncle" on all the health disasters befalling this family. My Dad, my grandma and my nephew have all been hospitalized recently...My husband had H1N1... Enough!

I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just ready to SCREAM!

We should be at BSF (bible class) right now but are unable to go. It doesn't look like we will be hosting playgroup tomorrow or attending our library class on Friday either. I think we'll have plenty of time at home this week after all. Right now my two little sickies are "vegetating" in front of some "Veggie Tales" on T.V.


  1. I am so sorry all that is happening to you. And this sledding incident is really sad because sledding is just so fum much the remainer 99% of the time.

    I hope you guys heal well, and get back to your regular schedule soon

  2. Boy am I glad that I am not the only one ready to scream! Life seems to be on a crazy non stop cycle of sick, appointments, and crazy family issues!!!! Go ahead! Scream like crazy. It will make you feel better. Or you can do what I do.....grab a Huge amount of chocolate! :) I hope things start looking better soon!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog. Hope things are looking up!
    I celebrate what you do with your children. I wrote a comment on the 4th section about Muriel Dwyer. I so agree with you. Keep your spirits up. I think you are awesome! Barbara Furst

  4. i am so sorry for all what is going on , and sending you a cyber hug all the way from gambia . pray that the foot would heel in no time and the cough would go and you are all back to your usual selves .hard to write in a short comment but if you really struggling with repeated illness during winter would you consider doing something different ? mine are 17 specialneeed 5 and 2.5 and for years our bodies didn't touch an antibiotic . i learned the hard way looking for help for my hurt daughter i found out about mineral cell salts schussler salts they are german , and we do live in an area where everybody around us gets sick , those salts just protect us and boost our immunity . write back to me if you need more info .blessings viv