Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cheerful Progress

This blog has been quiet on the the home renovation front lately. I have been sticking to my resolution to "do something" toward our goals every day. A lot of this has been behind the scenes type of work lately (read: shopping...both the fun kind and the shopping subcontractors kind). We finally have something kind of exciting completed and more in the works.

I wish I had a good picture of how truly awful our service door to our garage was. This is the only "before" I could find (What you see in this picture left to right is one foot of our laundry space, our coat closet, the service door, and finally my ugly kitchen cabinets with the 1970's handles mounted dead center.

Unfortunately you can't see that it was a flat-panel, hollow-core door that was marred up beyond belief. It was doing nothing aesthetically or efficiency-wise for this hallway. It is unfortunate that my "before" photo doesn't show off the skinny 70's ranch casing and baseboards. Here is a photo of our upstairs hallway so you can appreciate (or more appropriately shrug your shoulders at) the existing casing and base in the house. Downstairs it has been at least painted white. Upstairs it looks like someone went crazy with eyeliner around all the doors and windows.

Here is the AFTER!

The installers had to remove the old casing and base to replace the door so it made sense to put up the new. My sister finds it amusing that our laundry room is the first in our house to get a taste of the improved millwork.

Construction begins on the 12th on the new front door. It made sense for us to get all of the exterior doors new hardware, and repaired or replaced at the same time. (We previously had four exterior doors and four different keys). The installers took advantage of the opportunity to work in bad weather by coming to do the interior work this weekend.

After months of planning it is exciting to finally begin to rip this place up a bit!

My husband accomplished quite a few unexciting but necessary improvements this week. I have new coat closet shelving, a new garbage disposal, a new sump pump and battery backup system, and new closet doors in the guest room. The handyman is coming tomorrow to reroute our hose spigot at the rear of the house and change all of them to freeze-proof hose bibs. The painter is scheduled to paint my stairwell (I fear scaffolding). Many more carpentry, electrical, and drywall improvements are on their way!

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