Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We are so excited about our microscope! I have been shopping for a microscope for a long time. After seeing $40 prices on products like the Geosafari kids microscope
(now down to $25, but not when I was shopping) that can only view the 12 "slides" (really only photos) that it comes with I decide my dollars would better be spent on something more longevity. I thought we would wind up with some better version of a "kids" microscope. Instead, I discovered the Brock Magiscope and fell in love.

I encourage you to read the review that led me to purchase the microscope: Brock Magiscope Provides Nearly Indestructible Science Fun for Kids." It was written by Alicia Bayer for the Mankato Homeschool Examiner.

Here is a quote featuring some of her main points:

  • One moving part and no exposed threads, levers, screws or mechanical adjustments
  • Rugged construction that makes it ideal for young kids, home use and outdoor studies.
  • The lumarod illumination system provides simultaneous reflection and transmitted light without adjustment or replacement of bulbs, batteries, mirrors or prisms.

No electricity needed, only one moving part, a lifetime "no questions asked" warranty, indestructible enough to take to the beach, yet strong enough to view human blood cells? Ability to view not only slides but actual three-dimensional objects as you find them in the field? Sold! If you have the surface adaptor you can even use the optical tube separate from the microscope stand to view objects too large for the stand and even for viewing through aquarium walls.

We are currently using our Magiscope to supplement our insect studies. We own several sets of prepared slides including these by Learning Resources. This week the boys have been viewing things like a butterfly's probosis, a bee's abdomen, and fly's legs. Great stuff :)

There are many more fantastic selling points, check out Ms. Bayer's review!

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  1. So cool! I will have to keep that in mind when I go to buy one!

  2. Becky,

    Are you seeing more than one model on the website? I only see one, the "model 70." Are there other models?

  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I been looking for a "real" microscope. I have the geosafari microscope and it has not been able to perform consistently with new batteries or not. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sorry, not model but what package # would you recommend?

  5. Becky,

    Usually I'd have a strong opinion on this type of thing, but I don't this time. You can buy any of the objectives and eyepieces separately at any time. So, if you aren't sure about how much longevity you need or want to "ease in" or need to spend less right now you'll be fine with package one. We are currently using it as if we own package one. However, we actually own package four. I know that I'll still want to use it at advanced levels even if we don't homeschool all the way to the end. I think it is a win/win situation. Follow your gut :)

    There are great deals on ebay. See what turns up and go for it?

  6. Do you find your kids are good at sharing the microscope or should I be looking at purchasing multiples?