Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gardens and Emergency Rooms

We might win an honorary mention for "last family to plant their vegetables." The veggies finally made it into the garden this weekend. The boys did all of the planting. The day after this photo was taken Kal-El helped me build a rabbit fence around the perimeter. The pinwheels stood guard in the meantime. I'm so glad I succumbed to impulse and bought the pinwheels.

They have been a big hit.The boys planted cherry tomatoes, pole beans, bush beans, basil, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, and snap peas. The garden is only 3X6 and it's a little tight in there. The plan is to put up a second garden a few feet away from the first next spring so that we can stretch out a little. We'll also try growing some lettuce in the early fall after the carrots and radishes are done.

It took us a long time to puzzle out the fencing. The problem with the two-foot rabbit fence is that the garden belongs to the boys and they can't reach to pick any veggies with the fence up. The solution for this year was to put field fence posts every 3 feet. Then, rather than wrap the fencing around in one swath, we installed it in four separate pieces. I should be able to pull one or all of the walls off of the clips to pick and slide them back on again when done. I used plastic poultry fence rather than metal field fence so that there would be no rust or sharp edges. The wire fencing would have gotten all bent up anyway with all of the on and off that will take place.
Next year when we add the second garden I will fence around both as if they were one garden. The space between the gardens will serve as an alley for picking.

I've read that two-feet isn't always enough and that some rabbits will work their way up under the plastic fencing. We'll cross our fingers and see how it goes. Our rabbits don't look all that ambitious.

We made our third trip to the emergency room since February this morning. Shockingly it wasn't due to this...

...or even this:

Me Too pushed Kal-E off of my bedroom chair. He cracked his ear/head on the corner of the nightstand on the way down. The resulting gash was wide enough that it looked like he might need a stitch and was only getting wider as a lump swelled above his ear. It turned out to be nothing a little surgical glue couldn't fix. While Me Too and I were off at violin class (the "incident" occurred mere minutes before we were supposed to get in the car) Kal-El and daddy followed their ER visit with a five mile bike ride.

I guess we needed another trip to the ER. We wouldn't want things to get too boring around here. We hadn't had this much excitement since Me Too got his Zhu Zhu pet stuck in his hair last week.


  1. Ohhhh....I know that boys seem to have years like this! My brothers were going so ofter one year, they started to know them! :) I hope things get better!

    And a note about bunnies, you can get an all natural spray at a garden store that you spray around the edge of the garden to detert them. And since it all natural, its ok for the kids!

  2. I see my near future. If I cant lock them in a padded room, how about myself?

  3. Oh my goodness. Stuck in the hair? S got a wind-up toy stuck in her hair once...and the pinwheels made me think of the time that she got a plastic splinter (from a pinwheel) stuck through the pad of her finger. In one side, out the other. The boys have gotten by relatively unscathed.

    Love the gardens. S would be so jealous!!