Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Following some serious bike riding and plant watering the boys spent several hours doing what they called "polishing."

I gave them each a bucket of warm soapy water and a rag. They started (per my request) by wiping down all of our outdoor furniture. Later they moved on to washing their bikes. Eventually they moved on to dumping buckets of water they were filling from the hose all over the yard. I'm not really sure because I was trying to paint cabinet doors while all this was going on.

Check out Kal-El's look of concentration. He tells everyone that Me Too is the "funny" brother and that he is the "important" one. He means "serious."

In the end I had two very wet, very muddy boys. They each had a bath and are in squeaky clean clothes. Thankfully we picked up some shorts for Kal-El at a rummage sale this morning. He outgrew all of his shorts. If I hadn't gone rummaging we would have had a problem (I scored three new pair in his size this morning). The shorts he wore for this activity were his only pair and they were now wet, muddy, and had blood on them from yesterday. The neighbor's granddaughter was out riding her tricycle with her curly hair up in a bow and wearing a pink polka-dot party dress. When she went in for lunch she was pristine. All I could do is look back and forth among them in amazement.

And if that were not enough, I just found THIS tumbling in my dryer along with a load of their laundry:

It must have been in a pocket.


  1. Ok....I LOVE Kal-El's "important look! It is just too cute!
    Second...score on the shorts! Good for you! I am currently in the middle of turning all of Bunny's pants with holes in the knees into shorts. She just grows so tall so fast! Plus being so hard on pants I dont expect Pup to want her old ones! :)
    Finally...yea on getting your outdoor furniture cleaned! My girls would have ended up just as wet! :) Looks like you are starting a great summer!

  2. Don't feel too bad, when my kids come in from outside my princess-loving, ballerina-twirling, pink-wearing, 4 year old, girly-girl is the dirtiest, muddiest, most scratched up one among them! But she also has the biggest smile! lol

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