Friday, June 10, 2011


My husband has hijacked my camera and taken it to work so I can't show you all the neat things that have been happening with our turtle work. I can put up this picture of the boys having their first day ever "running through the sprinkler." Kal-El's cheeks are puffed out because they both think they have to hold their breath before they run through. They also think they need goggles. It was almost 100 degrees the day I took this picture. It is 52 degrees cooler today and we are wearing winter clothes. Grrr...

Our garden is going to be planted REALLY late this year. Right now I am hoping for Monday. It was too cold before Memorial Day. Then, in the high 90's I was waiting for a day with normal temperature so we wouldn't get heat stroke building the raised beds. Now we are back to winter weather and it is raining non-stop.

The boys are super excited because they are having a sleepover at their grandparents for the next two nights. My husband and I are super excited for the same reason.


  1. Gotta love sprinklers! My girl love it too! Pup always starts by sticking her head in first! (However when I try to wash her hair she thinks the world is ending...explain that)! I feel your pain about the weather. It been almost the same here. I dont think its quite in the 50s but its cooler and raining! Have fun on you days off! ;)

  2. Just started following your blog…trying to assume a Montessori home-style for my 16-month old. :) Based on this post, wondering if you're in MN, too?? This is exactly what our weather has been! Oy!

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