Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This little painted turtle had a brief ride in Daddy's car last week. My husband spotted him in the middle of the road about a half a block from our house on his way home from work.

After observing him for a little while we put him in a bucket and the whole family walked him back across the street to the pond. We were in for a treat! When we arrived we saw four more turtles. They weren't sweet, little painted turtles though...they were big prehistoric snapping turtles. There must have been a snapping turtle convention because we haven't seen any since and we've gone looking every day. It is a shame, because I didn't take the camera over to the pond that night due to having taken so many photos at the house.

This has of course initiated a flurry of action with the turtle works we already had on our shelf. The turtle puzzle and three-part cards seem to always be in use. I also made a small set of classified cards identifying the turtles common to our state. (When you are likely to encounter a variety of turtles, one of which is likely to bite your whole finger off, it is important to be able to identify them in the field.) I have been remiss in taking photos of the work but hope to snap some over the weekend.

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  1. We found one crossing the road last year. I should have done turtle work after that, but we were in the middle of something else at the time.