Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Violins and Gravel

We have been too busy for blogging this week. The boys started violin lessons on Monday. In order to kick start their progress the program we are involved has group class every day the first week. After the first week we start the more typical schedule of one private lesson and one group class each week. They are really excited and practicing all day long. I made some three-part cards to help them with the parts of the violin.

The boys were also busy helping Dad tear out the rings of rock around our maple tree in the front yard. Don't worry, only Daddy is lifting the big rocks. The boys are helping shovel out the river rock. The previous owners added two rings around the tree (an inner ring for gardening and an outer ring to confuse the neighbors) a year or two ago. We moved into the house during the winter so I didn't notice until recently that the inner branches of the tree are dying from being buried too deep.
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