Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am just popping in from the sunshine to remind everyone that the blog has been mostly on hiatus this summer (you might have noticed the lack of posts). I have not been replying to comments or checking the blog's e-mail account. I will catch up with everyone in September.

We are taking a couple day breather between big trips right now! We have continued our homeschooling through the summer but in a relaxed format. The boys use the school room at will. We chose five subjects to focus on through the summer: violin, reading, swimming, gardening and biking.

Kal-El is begging to practice violin and read me a book right now...gotta go!

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  1. Your summer sounds exactly like ours minus the violin!

  2. I found myself inspired by your blog therefore I decided to leave you an award on my blog:

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us

  3. What a great resource your blog is for great links! Thank you!