Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indian Summer

We are enjoying an Indian Summer this week after a lot of crummy weather for the past several weeks. Other than reading, math and violin not much has happened in the school room. We had the best of intentions and might have gotten some work done if the weather were our only temptation. However, how do you get any work done with this going on out your window....


We had the asphalt repaired. There were three low-lying spots where water would puddle and remain for several days after a rain. The repairmen used infrared to melt the asphalt. Then, they added more material to those areas and steamrolled it all flat. We sat in lawn chairs and watched the whole process. It had so many things little boys love: steam, fire and heavy construction equipment.


We were just getting started with the golden beads Tuesday morning when the doorbell rang. Surprise! Tree company here! We said goodbye to this 60-80 foot honeylocust along with six suffocating arborvitae and an invasive honeysuckle.

Did you see the man in the above picture? Here's a closer look...

Other than the chipper and stump grinder, no heavy equipment was used to fell this tree...just two men, some rope, a chainsaw, and a handsaw. Very cool. When he switched branches he just jumped off the branch he was on and swung on his rope like a monkey to the next. At least six more hours were spent in lawn chairs observing.


After spending the morning at B.S.F. we took advantage of the beautiful weather to plant 100 bulbs and start dealing with the mulch left behind on Tuesday. The tree company left us maybe 1/10th of the mulch generated by our tree.

The boys used some to mulch gently (not too deep or close to the trunk) around the maple in our front yard that had surgery last week. This poor tree was planted in the late 70's/early 80's with its root ball still bound in twine (never do that!). Two or three years ago the previous owners of our home thought it was a good idea to make a large circle around the tree with pavers, add eight inches of soil on top of the existing, and cover that with a couple inches of rock (never do that either!). As a result our tree was dying out in the center and had girdling roots. The roots were excavated and surgically altered last week in hopes of saving the wonderful shade in the front yard.

All of this work was interspersed with mad dashes across the yard (and those of our neighbors) with their new butterfly nets. Kal-El caught his first moth yesterday and today he snagged a dragonfly.


Today was a play date day with Token Girl (my sister's daughter) followed by more mulching and a library story time. I can't decide whether to have a heavy school morning tomorrow or take advantage of the weather one last time before the weather turns bad again (as predicted) next week.


  1. Nice work, nice education & nice pictures! Best Wishes!

  2. Thanks Lidia! I'm looking forward to reading your blog!