Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sick Day

Poor kid is trying to build a tree house. He is scavenging leftover lumber from the garage and has three nails in his pocket.

Kal-El spotted this albino squirrel in our backyard today. He was so grown up about it. "Mom come quick and bring the camera! There is a weird white white squirrel on the patio. Move slowly so you don't scare him." I scared him, hence the action shot.

We are home sick from bible study today (BSF). We are not too sick to go about our business here, but contagious. This morning included playing flute/violin duets, reading practice, and some math.

Kal-El is spending a lot of time practicing silent "e" words including its effect on the preceding vowel and when it creates a soft "c" or "g." He is doing really well, there is just no such thing as too much practice at this stage. He still tries the short vowel every time and then corrects it when he finds the silent "e" at the end. He is otherwise becoming a lot more fluent. About once a week this makes his reading actually sound a lot worse because he doesn't have to sound out phonetic words anymore, he can put them together in his head. Sometime days he just starts to assume everything should be like that and he just starts guessing when he thinks he knows what the word should be. It is hard for him to straddle that line between glancing at a whole word and sounding it out one piece at a time.

This week he is also focusing on a lot of words where the silent "e" is hidden by the "s" at the end when a plural is formed. Today one of the sentences in the book I made for him was "I must scrape the ice off the panes and check if the pipes froze." He complained that his sentences are starting to get a little long as soon as he saw it but was excited when he read it. "That was easy!" He also said that my illustrations "rocked" today. My felt-tipped pens need replacing and as a result some of the lettering was a little sloppier than usual. Kal-El said "that's not a very good 'i' Mommy." I said, "Am I fired?" He said, "I'd never fire you Mommy."

Kal-El told me in the car today that I am "the best Mommy in the world." He said, "You teach me so many things, buy us good foods, are the best cooker, and are so nice to us. Probably all the kids tell their mommies that they are the 'best in the world.' But, they don't know how good you are so they don't know that we are the only ones who are right about that." I had to record that for posterity. I'll try to remember it later when he it's time to rest in his room at which point I'm sure he will inform me that I am now "the worst Mommy ever. You are no fun!"

Kal-El accomplished a big work in math today. I showed him how to use the tens boards to count to 99. The Gettman presentation for this is on pages 180-181. This takes forever and is very cumbersome with this material. We are really going to appreciate the 100 chain (being delivered today!) instead.

Just to give you an idea of how long this might take for those who are unfamiliar I'll type out most of the instructions from the Gettman. Here is a photo of the boards again for non-Montessori people.


  • Place a unit bead to the right of the '1' tablet, and say 'one'; add another unit bead and place both to the right of the '2' tablet, and say 'two'; add another unit bead and place all three next to the '3' tablet, and say 'three'; and so on, up to 'nine'.
  • Add another bead, but say 'ten units are the same as one ten', and exchange the ten unit beads for one ten-bead bar, then place the bar to the right of the top '10' section on the top board and say 'ten'.
  • Add a unit bead to the ten-bar, slide the '1' tablet over the zero, and say 'eleven'.
  • Add another unit bead to the unit bead and ten-bar, replace the '1' tablet with the '2' tablet and say 'twelve'.
  • Continue to add one bead at a time, use the appropriate tablet to make the number on the board, and then say the number's name. Whenever you add the tenth unit bead, change the ten beads for another ten-bead bar, and slide all the bars town to the right of the next section on the board.
  • Invite the child to finish the process (in your presence) counting all the way up to ninety-nine.
Kal-El thought this was "fun" so the activity was really only awful for me. I just can't imagine he'll want to repeat it or do it alone because it is cumbersome to keep changing the number tiles on the seguin board.

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  1. I hope you guys feel better soon!
    I tried wiht the tens board to teach Bunny the numbers, but she hated it just as much I did! It really is a LONG process! The hundred chain made it SO much better! I used the number cards and the bead chain to teach her. SHe seems to get it pretty well so i hope its ok. Good Luck with the bead chain! Bunny loved it! I'm sure that you guys will to! Happy Schooling!