Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hundred Chain

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Woot! Hundred Chain!

I am posting this late, but Kal-El was presented with the hundred chain last week. He does it first thing every morning now. He even likes to do it backwards! I am presenting the 1000 chain today and realized I never posted the 100! For family members who are unfamiliar, the 100 chain is made of ten 10-bars linked together. There are little arrows to place along the chain as he counts through it but there are only arrow for the following: 1-10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. So, not only did he reinforce counting to 100 but he also has learned to count by tens forwards and backwards. You can see he has a little purple tag from a bread bag in his right hand. Somewhere along the way I picked up the tip to use a tag from a bread bag to help keep your place when counting along the chain. It worked a charm!

It is super neat how the 100 chain folds into a 100 neat that Kal-El shouted "Me Too! You have to come see this!" while he was folding it the first time. Here they are checking it out.
This is one of the "squaring chains," not only good for teaching linear counting and skip counting, each time he forms the chain into a "square" I tell him "10 squared is 100."

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  1. What a wonderful example how motivating learning can be when a material or concept is introduced when child is ready instead of when it falls on a curriculum map. I love the Montessori Math materials!

  2. I love Montessori Math materials too!!! and I love your explanation!! Thanks for take of your time to do it!!!

  3. Two extensions that you can present are to have El-Kal turn over some of the tags so he has to work them out - this reinforces the skip counting and automatic recall. The second is to use the purple tag to high-light an individual bead and he has to tell you what it is - eg the fifth bead in the fifth ten would be 45. This reinforces the tens and units.

  4. Love the header! This is pretty good stuff!! The hundred chain is leading to some powerful stuff in your school. So wish I had the squares, or the bead cabinet material. Not having this material is slowing us down a bit in the math department. After seeing this post I gotta have the bead material. Thank you for sharing.