Sunday, December 18, 2011


We saw Santa last week!  This is a very special picture because this is the fifth photo taken with this EXACT Santa.  The boys have never sat on the lap of "another" Santa.  I have said prayers for his health and happiness and hope the boys will always sit on this amazing man's lap each December.

I am a little concerned about Christmas morning.  Kal-El has been asking for Power Rangers action figures and battle gear for months (Me Too is obsessed with the blue ranger and Kal-El with the red) and that is what Santa is prepared to provide.  However, starting a few weeks ago Me Too started daily making very specific and unusual requests for a "real toy vacuum cleaner that actually picks up dirt" and a "snowball maker."  It is too late to change direction on this and I hope he is not disappointed on Christmas morning.  Fortunately Santa is a pro.  When the boys told him what they wanted Santa made the comment:  "Those sound like nice ideas.  Just remember, Santa knows what's best and sometimes what he has in mind will be a surprise."  Hopefully that comment will go the distance.

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