Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Compass Work: In the Field

In the elementary spirit of "going out,"  Kal-El proposed an "adventure walk" today.  He specifically requested a park that he knew had a lot of branching, paved trails as well as a savanna with many animal trails to follow.  He was in charge of the expedition.  He decided where we would go, how to get there, what to bring, packed everyone for the trip, and led the way.

They are sporting their new "explorer vests" that my parents bought them for Christmas.  In addition to a wide variety of pockets the vest has many loops that caribiners may be attached to.  They are geared up with compasses, whistles, magnifying glasses, specimen containers, binoculars, tweezers, flashlights, and thermoses.  I think they were most excited about the "chocolate bar for the trail" they each had stashed in a pocket of their cargo pants.

Here Kal-El is checking his new compass.  Each time the trail would have a choice of directions, Kal-El would take out his compass and inform us which trail we would take according to cardinal or ordinal direction.  He is a compass expert!  Me Too was in charge of keeping track of north.  Just after we set out and were a short distance from the car I asked the boys in which direction the car was.  They determined it was due west.  I explained that when we reached a point in the field where we could no longer see the car, we would always know that it was west and we could find our way back to it if we had to.  I tested them on this in several places out in the savanna.

Kal-El scouting for wildlife with the binoculars.

This is the last shot with Me Too in dry pants.  He waited too long to ask for help and wound up peeing all over his thermos in an attempt to pee on a tree. His favorite clips are the two in the center and bottom of the vest...not ideal for a man in the field.

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