Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letter "N" Sound Bin

One of my current bloggy projects is to get all of my sound bins posts collected together one page.  There is now a "sound bins" tab at the top of my blog under my header.  I found time to photograph a couple of our bins last night so you might see a few sound bins posts today. Some posts will show the whole bin, others just the contents of the object box.  I happened to set the "N" bin aside to photograph when we finished it the other day and photographed the whole shebang.

As always, the bin is a medium-sized basket that sits on our language shelves.  I collect most of these objects from nearby storage on the top shelves of the school room bookcases.  Typically a bin holds an initial sound search, a letter shape search, an I Spy book, the sandpaper letter, an AlphaTales book  for that letter, a homemade book of pictures of things that begin with that sound, and a tin bin full of objects with the capital and lowercase letter magnets stuck to it.

Some people consider "N" to be a tough letter, but we have a rather large collection of objects for "N":
newspaper, napkin, nest, noodle, newt, nose, necklace, needle, nickle, nut, nail, nurse (nurses hat).

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  1. We have those I Spy books too. Wheels loves them, but he is mostly interested in the pictures at this point.