Tuesday, January 10, 2012

School Days: Language Works

I'd like to show you some of Kal-El's language works from the past week.  As you'll see, Me Too likes to listen and learn while Kal-El does his work as well.

Kal-El set a goal for himself to try to "memorize everything" in the Antarctica continent box this week.    I tied his handwriting work into this interest by writing out a lot of Antarctica vocabulary onto Handwriting Without Tears blank capital letters practice sheets (This page had types of penguins, etc., Also, he's practicing capitals right now).  I have posted about our HWT works in the past.  This paper is basically just a fancy type of the "squared paper" that you would see in any Montessori classroom.

We try to make our HWT work as choice driven as possible.  I just write up the sheets and leave them on the shelf.  If the vocabulary is interesting, Kal-El will excitedly do 4-6 pages of this type of work a day.  I found that out once when I put what I thought was a weeks worth of work on the shelf one evening.  When I came downstairs at 6:30 a.m. the next morning, I found all the work completed on the table.

The next several works are adapted from lesson in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.    I've posted about some of the ways I use this book in the past.  Usually I just use it to make readers.  This is an example of one of several readers he used this week that reviewed many of the phonograms that make the "ee" sound:

He practiced the "ea" spelling of the "ee" sound with a game the book suggested called "Eat a Treat."

 I spread out a pile of cards randomly on the table.  Four of the cards read "eat a treat," the rest have a single word written on them that use the "ea" spelling of "ee" such as "beach."  I put five M&M's on the table as well.  Each time he picks a card he reads the word(s) on it.  I'm sure I don't need to tell you what happens when he picks one that says "eat a treat."  He loved this and asked to play it every day last week.

The last activity I have pictures of is a sentence-to-picture matching work.

In the book it was presented as just a list of sentences to read.  I found a photograph for each rule and cut the rules up into individual sentences. They made the best sense in a certain order so I also numbered them.  Kal-El put the sentences in order, read each sentence, and found the picture that best matched.  This focused on practicing the many spellings of all the long vowels together.

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