Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School Days

This post is just a little break from my "music week" posts to show you some of the non-music work that went on around here over the course of the past week.

Me Too revisiting the geometric solids.  Kal-El is practicing dynamic operations with the golden beads in the background.

Kal-El pulled out the sandpaper letters and experimented with some different ways to spell "goofy."
(Note:  when teaching the sandpaper letters "oo" makes the sound as in "book" not as in "zoo" but Kal-El now knows several spellings for these sounds.)

Me Too deciding that sound "zig zag" starts with...

...so he could complete a z/i sound sort.

Kal-El chose to work with the thousand chain several times this week.  Now that the Christmas tree is down you can see how the chain and rug stretch all the way across the front of the house.  I presented finding a single number.  He sets up the rug and chain.  I wrote a single number (such as 337) on a slip of paper with an arrow and Kal-El's task was to find that specific bead.  The first day he had to find it "the long way" by counting to that specific number.  The second day he placed all the red arrows first (100, 200, 300, etc.,) and experienced how much faster he could find any number once all of the hundreds were in place.

Kal-El rolling his 1000 chain rug.  I cut six or seven pieces from couple of yards of felt and my mom sewed them together end-to-end for me.  You could get a continuous rug if you ordered enough felt, but you would also waste a lot of felt that way.

Me Too working with pattern blocks.

Me Too identifying capital and lowercase "Y."

Me Too tracing leaf shapes from the botany cabinet.

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