Friday, January 6, 2012

Treasure Maps

 The boys have already learned how to make a map of a shelf, or a room or of a street.  Today, they learned specifically how to use a map to find their way.  I made the above blank maps of their rooms and laminated them.  They are labelled with words (for my reader) and some pictures (for my non-reader).

Next, I used a dry erase marker to draw the path that they needed to follow to lead them to "X marks the spot."  I hid a treasure for each of them in the rooms so they would have something to find when they reached the X.  You could make this activity more complex by hiding another map at the X to lead them to follow a path in another room of the house.     I followed the presentation for this activity in the Karen Tyler geography album.

After we were finished, I showed them how to clean the arrows off the map and talked to them about what markers were okay to use on the map and which were not (washable markers or overhead projector markers also work).  I put the blank maps and dry erase markers on the geography shelf in the school room.  They have been pressed into service all morning as the boys draw paths for one another on the maps and hide various items to find.

Our compass work is continuing nicely.  Me Too has lost interest but Kal-El used the compass to map north, south, east, and west  in several rooms each day.

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