Monday, February 20, 2012

Australia Books

Do you have a minute?  If you do, I wish you were here.  Kal-El loves to take out one of his continent boxes and tell you absolutely everything he knows about it and he likes nothing better than a new target.  If he can't find a new victim, he will make a book.

Last week, with no one new in sight to share his apparent explosion of knowledge,  he wrote a book about Australia.  I wanted to be sure to remember it when I'm old, so I photographed parts of it in case we lose track of it before it winds up in his portfolio.

He did this completely without my help.  The spelling is atrocious.  But I think it does a good job of demonstrating that kids who learn to read and write the Montessori way aren't afraid of big words, and I notice that they seem to write down what they think in their heads rather than adjust what they think to match what they know how to write.

By the way, Kal-El says he wrote in all capitals to SHOW HOW EXCITING AUSTRALIA IS!

The cover was made from brown construction paper and simply said, "Australia."

"Australia is a famous place.  The kangaroos are a pro at boxing."

"And there is koala bears.  They look snuggly but they bite."

"Australia has amazing foods.  A treat is lamington. There is an island called Tazmania.  In it there is an animal called the Tazmanian Devil.  It is dangerous."

The rest of the book contains labelled line drawings of the various animals and landmarks of Australia, beginning with the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

He also provided:  Ayers rock, crocodile, emu, duckbilled platypus, wombat, taipan, aboriginal man, Tazmanian devil, and the Australian flag.

Me Too wanted to make books too, but needed a little help.  He made FOUR of these little books I found at the Montessori Print Shop. 

I made a control book and he writes the name of each animal below their picture after he colors it.  He writes in lowercase...he's not as over-excitable as his big brother.

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  1. Wow! That is so AWESOME!!!!! (I am writing is capitals to show that I think his work is exciting!). I LOVE that her wrote such GREAT sentences! He knows SO MUCH! If you guys were closer, I would love to pop by and hear everything he knows! Great Job Kal-El!