Monday, February 27, 2012

Favorite Reading Material

For the last two weeks this has been Kal-El's favorite reading material:

It is a laminated, folded lapbook for adults by Quickstudy.  This one is on "Plumbing" and Kal-El spends a long time reading it every day.  My husband found a few of these lapbooks at a gas station on a little road trip he took with Kal-El recently (U.S. Presidents , Anatomy). He bought them because  he thought they were neat and that I might find a use for them in about three years.  He didn't bargain on Kal-El being able to read it already so he was really surprised when it was pressed into use immediately.  Kal-El says he likes reading about toilets and frozen pipes the most (maybe I should write Kohler).  He says "water heaters aren't as interesting."

We will be using this lapbook for a long time because I love the connections it makes between math, geometry, and real world problems.  There are sections inside on:

  • volume of cylinders
  • volume of cubes or rectangular prisms (for holding tanks)
  • converting cubic fee to gallons of water
  • calculating calculating percent grade, fall, run, and grade
  • calculating the weight of water in a pipe,
  • calculating gallons of water in a pipe
  • calculating gallons per minute of a fixture

Those aren't his favorite sections right now, as he stated, he prefers the "how things work" parts the most and he also likes the photo glossaries of pipe fittings and piping materials.

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  1. Hi! I don't really mind captcha, it just gets a little annoying when you can barely read it and you think you've put in all the letters correctly, but then it rejects it and you have to go through the process again! Although I certainly understand the annoyance of spam! I wouldn't mind if you turned it back on, as it wouldn't keep me from commenting! :0)

  2. That is great! And when he's in elementary, he'll have the opportunity to look up the origins of his favorite words and more interesting words (most boys navigate through the history of the word "toilet" actually... it's a lot cleaner of a history than one first thinks ;) ).