Saturday, February 4, 2012

Letter "U" Sound Bin

The letter "U" is really tough to make a sound bin for.   Remember, things like "unicorn" and "uvula" don't count because we are looking for the short-O sound.  I still managed to pull together a respectable five-object collection with only one photo filling it out.  We have the following:  underwear, undershirt, underwater (are you noticing a theme here?), uncle, and umbrella.  The photo is actually a photograph of Me Too himself swimming underwater.  He thought it was neat that he found himself in a sound bin.  The "uncle" is a popsicle-stick puppet of his own uncle.  The miniature sound book has photo duplicates of everything you see as well as some things that are hard to represent as "objects" such as "upside-down" and "up."

The Alphatales book (AlphaTales Box Set) for this letter is easier to use than some of the other vowel's books.  It was titled "Umbrellabird's Umbrella" and other than a unicorn or two, we didn't have to ignore a slew of long-vowel words.  The book uses a lot of short-u adjectives which was helpful.  

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  1. I really love seeing what you do for lessons in the day! It's encouraging and my kids like seeing others working on lessons too -- then they don't think they're the only ones haha

  2. Thanks Kimberly!

    I know just what you mean! The boys have a couple kids in particular that they know about who are about their age and they will ask me to pull up this blog or that blog to see what "so-and-so" did today :) Kal-El even intends to marry one of them :) It's extra fun for them with Montessori because all the kids have the same "stuff."