Monday, February 6, 2012

Myself. With a Propeller.

I wanted to post something positive to balance out all the gloom and doom of my other post today.  This really made my day, and I really needed it!  This is Me Too's FIRST SELF-PORTRAIT! (Grammie, I uploaded this one full quality so you can pull it right off the web for your scrapbook!)

The boys do a lot of artwork in the mornings before breakfast.  While I was cooking breakfast today I heard Kal-El say to Me Too "Wow Me Too!  What a great picture!  That's a really good one!  Mommy, come see Me Too's's different than all of his other ones."  

Me Too said to Kal-El, very casually, "It's a picture of myself.  Wearing a hat.  With a propeller." 

Kal-El was right, it is different than all of his other ones.  Me Too has been in the "scribbling stage" for a long time.  Although he likes to draw letters and shapes, he has NEVER intentionally drawn an particular object before.  If he's been drawing mandalas, I haven't noticed.  

It really surprised me me and made me smile that his first "human" was "myself" and that he came complete with with a hat with a propeller.

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  1. love the drawing! i was so excited when my daughter started drawing a simple face. my older daughter drew the cutest dinosaur today and i'm trying to think of what to copy it onto (like a skirt or blanket).