Tuesday, February 7, 2012

School Days and Play

First, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been commenting on the post about overlap, or lack thereof, in the primary and elementary Montessori math sequences! Keep em coming!  If you missed it, there is some good discussion going on in the comments section.

Today I have some glimpses of what we've been up to the last few days, including some play.  All of "my men" are obsessed with "mountain biking" or "bike obstacle courses" right now.  The boys built some obstacles in our yard this weekend.

Kal-El started with a teeter-totter on the back patio:

Soon he and daddy were trying "synchronized biking" on the driveway,  Daddy is on his unicycle.

Me Too liked to pretend he'd "had an accident" and get everyone to rescue him.

With biking such a prevalent theme around here lately, Daddy's birthday cake was a "bike course cake."

 I laminated pictures of the family on bikes and stuck them to popsicle sticks.  The boys are big wheeling on the wood track, Daddy is on a "pump track" and their uncle is upended in the pom pom "foam pit" in the back corner.  There's a big rock pile in the back right.  My Montessori manipulatives drawers came in handy making this cake.

The boys have switched their focus from Antarctica to Australia recently.  I found this display when I came down stairs one morning earlier this week.

Kal-El probably did this around 6 a.m.  There is no rhyme or reason to where each animal is on the continent of Australia...his point was that all of the animals belonged in Australia and I'm pleased he found the right map.

Kal-El has kicked it into high gear with maps lately.

Here he is placing the countries of South America on the control map and practicing some of their names.



I put together sewing baskets for the boys.  You can see some great examples that I copied on my Pinterest practical life board.  Our token Valentines Day activities are these valentines that the boys are sewing.  They are practicing a running stitch.

Kal-El is jealous of his online friend, Bunny, who is using a REAL MACHINE.  Stephanie, he told me today that he plans to marry her.

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  1. Hahahaha! Bunny was tickles to death that he was jelous of her sewing machine! She is soooooo proud of it! :) It looks like Kal-El is doing a really great job working with his sewing! It takes such concentration! I also LOVE the map work!

  2. Ohhhh....sorry about the spelling!

  3. What peaceful and easy-going days! I really like your blog. I've subscribed to it. Looking forward to many future inspiring blogs!

  4. Stephanie,

    It looks like you were typing on your phone today!


    Thank you ! I'm looking forward to looking at your blog!