Saturday, March 24, 2012

Disappearing Work Period

Our usually Friday work period disappeared this week. The combination of great mud puddles and new rubber boots was too good to pass up.  I would have felt like a terrible mom keeping them in.  Above is a photo of the boys wearing their new rubber boots during our ritual Monday nature walk.  (We are still in the street in front of our house and hadn't gotten to the "nature part" yet just in case you are wondering if asphalt constitutes "nature" around here.)  Yes, they held hands all the way to the trails.

Kal-El made up for the missed work period with gusto during the hour leading up to dinner last night.  He built the map of Australia outside of the puzzle on a rug and labeled the parts.  He gave each piece a turn being marched around the house with high knees while chanting the name of the Australian state or continental neighbor interspersed with trumpet sounds.  Both boys looked at the Australian and Asia continent boxes together.

And finally, Kal-El used what he calls "the school room putty" (poster putty) to label a castle made from the geometric solids.  He was seriously disgruntled that the labels didn't distinguish between the square-based pyramid and the triangular-based pyramid and that it resulted in his being short a label.

We are not having the kind of low-key end-of-the-week and weekend we are used to.  Thursday afternoon and evening allowed us the opportunity to have my nieces with us.  Kal-El is in LOVE with his new niece (8 weeks?).  Me Too seems to think my 3-year-old niece ("Token Girl"--I guess she'll need a new blog name now that there is another girl in the family.  I'm thinking "Tigger."   You should see her jump, and her energy.) is his sibling rather than a cousin and is pretty much ready for her to move in.

Kal-El spent at least an hour pushing the sleeping baby around in circles on the driveway.  He was also very proud to feed her a bottle.  Due to some NICU time in the beginning, this is also a picture of my husband holding her for the first time:

Last night we attended Daddy's dodgeball tournament.  The boys liked the dodgeball, but seriously disliked the noise level!  Today, they will both perform in a violin recital.  I'll try to snag some video.
Tomorrow, we are excited to attend one of my nephews' first birthday parties.  The boys are really excited about the card they chose for him.

Gotta go get two little boys in dress pants, button down shirts, ties, and dress shoes for the recital!

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