Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs and Color-mixing

We had to squeeze in some Easter egg dying yesterday because, after a high-energy Easter egg hunt this morning in the yard, all my men left on a four-day trip.

We were all super happy that I threw down $1.99 the other day at the craft store when I saw these oval, tall, and deep egg dying bowls.  Our old bowls were too shallow and you had to keep rotating the egg.  Our bowls that had enough height were also pretty wide so it would take too much dye to fill them.  These were like Japanese soaking tubs for hard-boiled eggs.

After the eggs dried, we painted them again...this time with tempera.

I gave them primary colors and palettes with extra wells for mixing.  No matter how many times we do it, they never fail to be amazed by the magic of mixing two colors to create a third.

Me Too was seriously digging the whole experience.  In the end his eggs wound up looking like jewels or stained glass.

The Easter bunny made a special stop at our house this morning to hide plastic eggs, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies all through the yard.  Typical of their personalities, Kal-El was running as fast as he could to collect as many eggs as possible.  Me Too was mostly interested in staying two steps behind Kal-El.  If he happened to accidentally find an egg in Kal-El's wake, his first priority was tracking down his big brother (easily 30 feet away in the time it takes Me Too to pick up an egg) in order to  show him his treasure.

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