Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Montessori Grammar OUTDOOR EDITION: Noun, day four

We are album hopping a little bit for Montessori grammar because I am creating my own hybrid of elementary and primary lessons to use with the boys together.  For that reason, right now we are doing a few presentations from the Montessori R&D grammar album.

The lesson they did today is usually called something like "labeling the classroom."  I figure that's what it is called because in a traditional Montessori school, that's where you are.  But, I saw no reason for us to limit ourselves to the school room at home.  Especially on a beautiful day like today.  So, we took our labeling outdoors.

We all took turns writing the labels on index cards.  I set out a previously empty flower pot full of river rocks for them to use to weigh the cards down in the wind.

This label is actually placed under a tree...makes more sense in context!

Afterward, the boys sat at our NEW PATIO TABLE (Yes, I am excited after living without one for 1.5 years.) and wrote some outdoor nouns in their language binders and used a stencil to trace a big, black triangle above them.

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome!!!!! I love how you took your work outside! It is on of my favorite things to do. I have a few questions about the elementary montessori albums. Which ones do you think are the best ones? I am thinking that Bunny is about ready to work with some nouns, but she is still struggling the reading. What do the albums say about that? Does she need to be reading totally before we begin grammar? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Steph!

    I will e-mail you about albums. There is no "one answer" to that question because the right album is very dependent on situation. But no, she doesn't have to be reading totally.

  3. Fab lesson. I take as many lessons outside as possible at school. In fact, we HAVE to take one lesson a day outside, unless it really is a health hazzard, which ivery rarely is in England!

  4. Me encanto su leccion fuera del salon!! Muy Original!! y divertida!!! Que ingeniosa!!!

  5. Annicles, Thanks! Love that you guys get so much outdoor time. I'll have to watch for that on your blog!

  6. I LOVE your outdoor edition of Montessori grammar! I'd really like to hear which albums you've liked best, too. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page: