Thursday, May 17, 2012

Animals and their Groups

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Ack!  I had a camera malfunction!  

This is the only picture that survived from my photo session of the boys working with their "Animals and their Groups"  cards today.  Great photo.  You can see my feet, Me Too's blurry hand, and the water he spilled on his sweatpants.  You can barely see the work and Kal-El is not actually working with the cards.

"What is he doing?" you might ask?  He stole a calculator from my desk and invented a skip counting game that he played all day.  He picks a number to practice skip counting by and repeatedly adds that number to itself reading the sums aloud as he goes.  His favorites to practice today were "nines" and "sevens."

I will retake photos tomorrow so you all can see the cute "Animals and their Groups" cards that I made and that you can win in the giveaway!

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