Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flags of Asia: Free Download

Today Kal-El unlocked the bag of flags that go with our beginner's "pin" map and both boys spent two hours working with those flags.

They repeated this work many, many times.  After they would place the flags of Asia they would move on to placing the flags for North America, South America, Antarctica and Oceania.

I'm sure many of you have this particular map as it is pretty standard fare at most of the Montessori suppliers.  It does not have flags for every country on each continent, only a few.  Asia is the first continent that the boys have tried to tackle that has a lot of flags...too many to remember in the first sitting.  The problem with this map is that the control is on the back of the map.  So, if you forget what country a particular flag belongs to you either lift the loaded map above your head to peak underneath and hope nothing falls off, or you are out of luck.

Kal-El requested that I make a "field guide" for the flags of Asia that are included on this particular "pin" map.  I collected the flag images as well as a picture of the puzzle map of Asia (for the front cover).  I printed these and made an accordion booklet much like the ones I made for the animals of Asia.  This one is two-sided.


example of some interior pages

Kal-El asked for a specific size that would fit into his explorer vest.  The boys helped me choose the images and watched as I typed the labels.  Then, they helped me cut, laminate, and assemble.  We did this early in the morning, so they were able to use it for their map work the rest of the morning.  I don't think they would have repeated the work as frequently without it.

If you have the same map and would like to make one of your own, you can access my file through this link:

Flags of Asia (Google Docs)

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  1. I am absolutely snagging this one. Thank you so much. O.K this is a reader request. A picture of the boys in their explorer vest sporting the Asia work. This would totally inspire DJ. They come up with the best ideas!! Thank you for sharing.