Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorization of Addition: zeroes, doubles, addition chart 2

This week Kal-El finished his work with the addition strip board.  He built all of the possible equations that include zero as an addend until he came to the realization that the sum of zero added to any other number is that other number.

He also built all of the doubles of numbers:

As always, he recorded his work in his math notebook.  He told me today that he wants to go to an island with a bunch of other boys.  That they would all bring all of their math notebooks and have math battles.

This was the first time he used addition chart 2 to check his recorded equations.

Now we are on to the finger charts!  He also continued his work with the stamp game this week.  He practiced dynamic subtraction.  Yesterday he asked me to show him how to keep track of the exchanges on paper and he did a few equations without the stamps.  Me Too will get his own math post soon!

As always, if you are looking for something that will show the "big picture" of the memorization of addition sequence all in one place this post at Ecole et Cabrioles is excellent.  Also, if you need free memorization of addition materials you can find them at Livable Learning/JMJ Publishing.

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  1. Ok, tell me it's not just a TOUCH scary for a mom's heart when her sweet little boys wants to do the work without the beads/stamps/strips/material - and ONLY wants to do it on paper???

    We're there with long division! Motherly SIGH.


    PS Math battles! My son's in! Just let us know the island! ;)

  2. I love this works!!!!! It{s like a new start ahh???

  3. Your boys have done some great work with the addition strip board! I featured your addition strip board photo and posts in my DIY Addition Strip Board and Strip Board Presentations at