Friday, May 11, 2012

Noun, Day 7: Common and Proper Nouns

Yesterday the boys worked with common versus proper nouns.  That means that next we are on to the animal homes, groups, and young work.  Be sure to come back on Monday for a great giveaway!

I presented this work by putting two blank category labels on the mat.  I told the boys (as recommended in Montessori R&D), "I am going to place some labels in two different categories.  Watch closely, and raise your hand as soon as you know the rule for the categories."

I put down the first card, "man", and Me Too raised his hand.  "I know the rule!  That card says 'man'."  Don't worry, by the end he had caught on and was thinking of common and proper nouns faster than Kal-El.  Later at the dinner table he piped up and educated my husband about "common" and "croprer" nouns and gave him several examples.

And just so you know that Montessori doesn't always work out the way you want it to... I eventually ran out of cards (20) and Kal-El still hadn't figured out that all the nouns in one column began with a capital letter.  I jogged his brain by asking how many capital letters he could find in the left-hand column.

The boys wanted to do this work twice.  The first time used the words that I wrote on the cards ahead of time.  For the second time I simply wiped those cards clean and the boys thought of words for the cards themselves.  

When writing the prepared cards I made sure I had a few common and proper nouns with a relationship to one another like "state" and "Florida."  That way I had an opportunity to emphasize that unlike common nouns, proper nouns are very specific.  "There are 50 states, but only one of them is 'Florida'."  "There are lots of fish, but we only know one named 'Bill'."

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