Saturday, June 2, 2012


The boys learned a lot about concrete this week.  We had a new front walk poured, a new section added to our back walk, and a slab put in for a garden shed.

All that was missing was the popcorn.  The boys enjoyed the show and asked a lot of questions.  I'm glad they didn't miss learning the composition of concrete, how to prep and pour it, and the names of all the tools needed for the job because they were away at "school."


  1. Great picture! I have a similar one of one of my grandsons watching the workmen put up our fence. Another one is of two of the boys watching workers trimming trees across the street - in this one they are even eating something I think. How else are boys (and girls) going to learn these important things if they don't watch.

    The neat thing to me is that they LOVE to watch and don't even know that they are learning. We as homeschoolers/educators must remember to use - give them lots of opportunities to simply observe the world around them

  2. Boys are so funny! It is amazing how long they can sit and watch work happening! It looks like they learned alot!

  3. The first picture made me think of watching a movie or watching fireworks, so I loved the popcorn reference!

  4. What a great learning experience!