Thursday, June 7, 2012

School Day

Me Too working on the map of Asia.  As per the Karen Tyler Geography album, we practice "scaffolding."  Me Too doesn't just dump every piece out of the puzzle and pray he can get it back together.  He started by removing three pieces, placing them on the control map, and then returning them.  Today at one point he removed 17 pieces.

Afterward, he was on to the teen beads.

Next, he worked with the teen boards.  Kal-El is working with the stamp game in the background.

His favorite stuffed animal "Doggy" still comes to "school" every day.  Today he was pressed into service to help with the teen beads and boards in combination.  Later that afternoon, Me Too clipped a collar around Doggy's neck, added a leash, and proceeded to take him out on to the front lawn for a few minutes to "go potty."

Earlier that morning, Me Too supervised Kal-El as Kal-El completed the last page in his Handwriting Without Tears "Kindergarten" workbook.  Afterward, they both jumped and danced around the house declaring Kal-El "a first grader now."  We had previously decided all together that Kal-El would become a first grader when he started his "first grade" handwriting book.

Kal-El kicking back with Clouds  (Ready to Read series).

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1 comment:

  1. I love this school day!! But what I love more, it's seen big brother help the Me too!! and the dance!!!lol lovely... thanks for share it!!