Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Plans

I was treated to a fun surprise this week when I popped over to Circle of Moms to vote for a friend's blog in their "Top 25 Homeschooling Mom Blogs of 2012" and found my own blog on the list.

If you wouldn't mind popping over yourself, I would love your vote!

A few people have been long asking me about our summer plans.  Yes, we do homeschool year round.  We take a couple of weeks off near Christmas, Easter, and for a summer vacation rather than step out of the school room for a full three months every summer.  That said, our summer schedule is lighter than during the rest of the year to take advantage of the great weather.  We also try to do more of our work outdoors.

This summer both boys will continue to have "math time", "reading time", and practice their violins on a daily basis.  It is also a natural time to tackle a lot of zoology and botany.  I didn't sign the boys up for any sports, camps, or anything during the summer.  We hope to spend our time swimming, biking, playing, and otherwise poking around out in nature.  The materials in the school room are still available at all times and will be pulled off of the shelves plenty often, I'm sure.  

This week we have begun a two week "vacation" so you will see a lot less of me online.  I am trying to give myself a little bloggy break.  

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  1. Hey, congratulations! What a wonderful surprise to come across!

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy your bloggy break.

  3. Have a great break and thanks for all your work in sharing this past year.
    Best wishes

  4. I didn't even read the rest of the page, I just went there immediately and searched for you!

    Enjoy your break and thanks so much for such a wonderful blog!