Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learning to Skateboard

As you can see from the above photo, my nephew already knows how to skateboard.

One of many things that was neat about their visit was that my nephew taught Kal-El (above) how to skateboard as well.  He was an effective, kind and patient instructor.  He truly had a gift for teaching things to Kal-El.

After Kal-El had learned a few tricks, all the kids worked together and organized a skateboarding tournament.  Kal-El and my nephew were contestants.  They also worked together to move all of our obstacles (platforms, jumps, etc.,) to create the "skate park."   My niece decided on the criteria for scoring and created a chart to keep track.  Me Too helped her as one of the judges.

At the end, both of the older boys stood on the highest platform for an Olympic's-style awards ceremony.

Kal-El was SO PROUD to take second place.  They celebrated one-another's success with exuberance!

My niece made them victory crowns and they posed for this picture wearing them.  Check out Kal-El holding my nephew's hand and gazing at him with adoration.

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