Monday, July 16, 2012

Read to a Dog

The boys are still having "school days" this summer...just not as frequently.  We have been away on vacation quite frequently and are entertaining quite a chain of house guests.  However, we still practice violin every day and have "reading time" most days.

Here is Me Too reading to a dog at the library while we were visiting Florida.  It was my MIL's idea that we go.  Our local library has a "read to a dog" program as well, but I always thought it was for older children.

I couldn't have been more wrong!  We'll be sure to participate in this program locally as well.  Interestingly, there were two other young brothers at the library the same age as the boys.  They were wearing t-shirts advertising the local Montessori school that they attend in Florida.  They were EXCELLENT readers.  Way to go Montessori!

Me Too is the boy obsessed with dogs so I knew he would love it.  I was however surprised at how engrossed Kal-El was in the whole experience.  The librarian had a big stack of fun books on hand and he chose to read several of them in addition to the book he chose from home.  Such fun!  (Mom, we have a LOT more great pix!)

We have been doing a lot less math than I hoped.  Our whole family has been in our own home without house guests only 10 days total this summer so far.  And, in that time we built a shed, replaced all the woodwork on our first floor, sold a car, bought a (used) car, renovated two bathrooms and have our eyes on a third yet this summer.  Me Too is still working with the golden beads and the teen beads/boards.  Kal-El has done the "twos" chains from the bead cabinet and is working his box of equations with the fourth addition board.

We went on some amazing "field trips" while in Florida that I hope to find time to blog about at a later date.  The garden is doing pretty well despite the terrible drought.  We already harvested and consumed all of our radishes.  We are expecting tomatoes any day now.  The deer ate all of our beans.

Kal-El is very interested in "chemistry" right now so we have been doing a lot of impromptu experimenting.  This morning we created first a cloud followed by rain in a jar.  Kal-El wants to jump right in to pouring chemicals together in a beaker, but I've partly convinced him that he needs to understand the properties of matter first.  The matter tray has made a command reappearance.  In the meantime, Kal-El is pouring over a recent copy of the "Home Science Tools" catalog and wishing he could have it all.  He has also been working with the map of Asia frequently in his free time.

We have house guests still all this week.  My 9 yo nephew and 11 yo niece are staying with us.  The kids are having A BLAST.  I can't wait until my husband has uploaded the photos so I can show you what they have been doing (I'm not dependent on him to do so, but he seems to be holding the camera hostage).

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  1. Fun stuff! Vacationing with family is the best:) DJ is getting into "chemistry" too. Looking forward to seeing the photos that your husband has taken hostage.LOL.

  2. Oh my word! My kids love that catalog as well! I have to "pull rank" just to be able to get a glimpse of it myself. :)
    Sounds like you are having a fun summer!