Friday, July 27, 2012


Does anyone else's kids point at you when they are angry?  Mine do.  Me Too has "the point and glower" down to an art form and my BIL captured it on film for us.


  1. Oh yes! It happens here! In fact in addition to the pointing, Bunny has taken to screaming that I am the worst mother ever and she is never talking to me again. This is usually followed up by running to her room, throwing herself on the bed, and crying. Afterward she comes down like a sad puppy and says sorry. It makes me a little afraid of the teen years if this is what it looks like now! ;) It looks lik eyou guys have had a busy and fun summer so far! I hope the smiles come back soon!

  2. That photo brought a smile to my face. Ahhh yes those were the days. Now we are in the slow broil phase. Teen angst - my boys have that down.