Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cosmic Education

This week was like Christmas!  Earlier this month I spent some time ordering our "school supplies" for the new year.  The boxes were arriving in earnest this week.  Some of the boxes were pretty routine (colored paper anyone?) and some were downright fascinating (volcano!).  I ordered the basic and advanced history sets from Montessori Services.  

I decided that I am too burned out this year to attempt making all of the timelines and impressionistic charts for Montessori elementary myself.  Even after purchasing the items that are available, I am still left with a lot to do (I am really not looking forward to doing my own watercolor paintings of rain cycles people!).

I spent a long time last night puzzling out what was in the box.  It came with the five posters for the creation story and one of them doesn't seem to be featured in any of the versions of the story I have.  I also now have "age of fish", "age of reptiles", and "age of mammals" posters but have no idea which lessons they go with.

Some days I wonder if I am up to this!

I spent three hours in the basement tonight turning our primary storage space into an elementary storage space.  As always, the more work I do the more projects seem to pop up.  I realized while I was down there that I can probably get rid a lot of the boxes of practical life materials now that we are beyond tongs and lacing cards!


  1. Wow those are so awesome! I am making all of my stuff! :( I just couldnt manage to buy it all. Your stuff looks GREAT! I am working on water coloring my posters. I have the ones for the God who has no hands if you want them. I also make a fundamental needs of human beings chart if you want. Let me know and I can zip them in an email. I feel like I am floundering and not sure how this will work out! I hear about all these things people are making and I dont have them made here. Oh well, my comfort is that they will see these lessons at least 3 times and we have six years to get everything in! Whew! Sending prayers for your school year! I am sure it will be a huge success! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Steph!

    I ordered the "sets" which came with way more than I pictured...I'll detail it all in a later post. But, it came with batik posters for the God who has no hands, so I'm good on that. I have NOT made a fundamental needs chart yet. I would LOVE it in an e-mail.

    I feel like I'm floundering too!

    Montessori for Everyone sells printable files for the geography charts (29!) but the file is expensive, like $25, and then I'd have to print all that and laminate. It makes the large impressionistic charts that Alison's sells ($50) look economical but they are out of stock and don't know if they will ever have them again.

    My husband would not be happy about how expensive those set were. But, I feel so in over my head right now. I think it would take me 40 hours to make. And, I felt like all the rolls of easel paper, colored ink, and laminating was going to add up a bit too. Justify, justify... It would have been a good place to save some money if I could have reconciled myself to all that coloring. I just am burned out!

  3. I feel for your sense of being overwhelmed - I was there before too! I promise it does all come together ;) And I'll admit I've shown images on the computer screen from time to time (when something needed to be finished, or needed a repair - or was in the wrong place at the wrong time!). :)

    The "age of" items can be used as extensions, rather than the required work - then you can just explore with them; I think there are some albums that do reference them but I cannot remember off hand which ones. I have seen schools use them as part of their core material and it really didn't fit well - go with exploration and leave it open-ended - the boys will love it :)

    What extra chart did the God with No Hands set come with? I have another chart in my set that has no place in the official albums, yet was part of our required material making as an optional follow-up for interested children - a picture of the solar system; I am working on putting together a basic astronomy album and will place it in there. if that is the one, you could review the Story and mention that other planets were created as well.

    I have several e-mails into Alison's right now - if anyone else hears from them about their "out of stock" items, please please please share!