Friday, September 7, 2012

NOT School Days!

In a previous post this week I mentioned that I we only had 2-3 scheduled 3-hour work periods each week for Kindergarten.  That was plenty of time for my oldest to accidentally complete all of the state-standards for 1st grade during his kindergarten year (I would assume that most public schools in our area accomplished that as well.  I'm not saying he's gifted, I'm just saying we are easily meeting at least the state standards.)  For First Grade that number will be increased to 3-4 scheduled work periods.  I always aim for the top number but allow that other interesting things will crop up sometimes and those weeks we'll hit the lower number.  

There are, however, a lot more hours spent learning than can be added up in those work periods.  I talked about some of our other activities, such as the homeschool coop that the boys start tomorrow, in a previous post.  The rest of our time looks a lot like "unschooling" and a lot of action takes place.  Here are some photos I snapped just since Sunday of a few things the boys did in their own time.

"Chemistry."  The boys asked if I would supervise if they spent some time combining every liquid they could find in the house.  They knew that I needed to supervise because not all liquids can be safely combined.

Kal-El has turned into a bookworm. He often reads over breakfast as he is in this picture. Big favorites right now are Tomie de Paola's The Popcorn Book and The Quicksand Book.

Kal-El asked to learn how to use the gram weights in conjunction with his balance.  He thought it was super neat that they were just like a teeny-tiny set of cylinder blocks.

After learning how to compare them to one another, he began to find small objects around the house and used the gram weights to find the weights of the objects.

He recorded the name of the object and its weight on a piece of paper and added it to his binder.

The metal insets are getting a lot of use by both boys.

Kal-El even used the square and the triangle together to make the above pattern which can be folded into a pyramid...a good tip if you happen to have a kid interested in Egypt and are trying to get them to use the insets more.

We completely slacked off on the stamp game over the summer.  Kal-El was NOT interested.  This week, however, he asked to do it outside of "school hours" more than once.  I have to sit with him right now because he is doing mixed addition/subtraction equations with exchanging and is rusty.  Because the stamp game chart that he likes is so large and should hypothetically be used quite often I slipped it under the glass of the tabletop for storage.  It's always ready and the stamps slide really nicely.

I would love to write a post that shares our typically "daily schedule" so that you know how things flow around here.  I should probably wait a couple of weeks though to make sure it's true and not just some pipe dream in my head.


  1. I'm always fascinated by the things my kids do when we aren't officially on "schoolwork time". Clearly your kids know how to learn independently!

  2. Awesome! I ditto Eddies' comment.Thank you for sharing.

  3. It looks like what happens here sometimes too! I love it when learning is just happening! It is awesome to be a homeschooler sometimes! I love that you really dont doo school all day every day! To be honest, last year we did it about 3 days a week. I am aiming for about 4 or 5 this year, but we will see!