Wednesday, October 3, 2012


OKAY!  I am trying to keep writing the elementary album reviews, but it is clear to me (and probably everyone, since I've suddenly dropped from six posts each week to one) that my plan to only write album reviews until I'm done isn't working for anybody.  I am going to resume posting about our everyday activities while I continue to work on the reviews because you are all missing some great works!

Me Too has mastered the 100 chain!  He can count very well by 10's both forwards and backwards.

Kal-El worked on the squaring chain of seven...

...and also the cubing chain of seven.

Ack!  Rather than stock the chains cabinet fully from the beginning, I elected to fill the cabinet gradually as Kal-El adds each chain.  Consequently it was only last month, three years after purchasing our chains and cabinet, that I discovered that we were missing the seven white 7x7 bead squares (we have double the amount of yellow 4x4 squares instead).  The only place I could find that sold the squares separately was Nienhuis.  I ordered six of them (one came with the short bead chains).   Four arrived this week (several weeks after I ordered them) and two are on backorder.  Does that company actually stock anything?


  1. I am convinced that Montessori Outlet does not keep much in stock either! I have been waiting on my bead cabinet material and stand since August. Yes... I understand that everyone puts in orders at this time and running out of stock is very likely, but still! I guess I am being impatient!

    So glad you decided to continue posting about the work you are doing.


  2. I love the chains! Thank you for sharing.