Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Charts: God With No Hands

After yesterday's post about our first great lesson, God With No Hands, I received a lot of questions about the impressionistic charts I used during the lesson.  I want to make it clear that I did not paint these charts.  When I make something myself, believe me, I will shout it to the rooftops "LOOK WHAT I MADE!"  If I didn't say I made it, I didn't make it :)

While you certainly can make almost all of your own elementary Montessori materials if you wish, I decided to buy most of what was available to buy.  The Montessori Elementary market for homeschooling families is still in its infancy and there is a lot right now that you still cannot buy.  I looked at my list of what I needed and realized I had a ton to make even if I purchased what I reasonably could.  Yes, there are some things that are available for purchase that are super expensive for what they are. I didn't buy those.  As always, I think about my materials, the amount of labor it will take me to make something, and the end quality of the homemade product and weigh those things against the cost of purchasing the item outright.

In the case of the Timeline of Life I figured I was looking at the cost of two rolls of easel paper, many hours of labor (One person told me it took them 20 hours), and the cost of laminating something that size.  Those two factors convinced me to buy.  When I looked at the cost of the timeline at Montessori Services I realized that for not too much more I could buy the Basic Human History Set instead which included everything that came with the Timeline of Life itself (Control Timeline, Mute Timeline, Picture Cards, Era Labels, Book:  Paleozoic Era, Book:  Mesozoic Era, Companion Cards) but also a long list of other things that were on my list of things to make:

  • The Long Black Strip
  • The Clock of Eras
  • 5 Creation Lesson Posters (for God With No Hands)
  • Posters for Age of Mammals, Reptiles, and Fish

The posters are handmade batik on mulberry paper.  They are very beautiful in person.

For similar reasons I also chose to buy the Advanced History Set.

That set includes the Timeline of Early Humans but also the hand chart and the Native American Card Set.

I have been very busy this week making materials.  I am trying to put together all the materials needed to complete the scope and sequences for fractions and geometry.  I spent many hours this week making the 19 fraction charts and putting together a fractions cabinet.  I will share when I'm done!

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  2. I love the art style on those charts! Especially the one with the sun. I'm not too keen on the coloring of the last 3, but that's personal preference ;)

    If I hadn't been assigned to make so much in my own training - I would have bought as much as I could too. It takes a LOT of time on some items; it can be worth it but as you said - there is a lot that needs to be made anyway, so buying what you can afford and what is available suffices just fine! ;)

  3. Gary does such a great job! I'm glad you bought them. There are so many hours involved in making your own.

  4. I had a friend send me pictures for my timeline of life and still took DAYS to finish it! Plus it was going to cost me at least $60 to laminate it! I then spent a whole day and a half drawing my printable version of it for the blog. I all honestly, I dont ever want to look at it again at this point! ;) YIKES! I am now thinking that buying it would have been better, especailly since you get the research stuff with it. I did break down and buy the timeline of humans, timeline of writing, and the timeline of numbers. I dont have the time right now to find all that info and then make it into something! There is too much eles to do! I really cant wait to see what else you have made. I am a bit behind in making a few things here! :) Happy Schooling!

  5. Do you find that all the charts and timelines fit good with the KofTU albums. Those are the albums I'm using but am only in the first couple months of training. I need to make some decisions on what to buy from where. Thanks!