Friday, October 26, 2012

Fraction Equivalence

Kal-El began fraction equivalence work today.  This was just the first presentation, and he tired out after finding all of the fractions equivalent to 1/2.  He's not feeling very well today :(

He picked up on some "patterns" right away.  He noticed that only even denominators had the potential to be equivalent to 1/2 and that the number on top increased sequentially.

The tree in our front yard finally lost all of its leaves and the sun is streaming in the school room window.  You'll be seeing lots of rainbows from our prism in our pictures again.

To do this work we used our fraction circles, homemade fraction bars, and our arithmetic signs box.  Next week we will do similar fraction work with some of the other fraction materials such as the divided squares and triangles.

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  1. Looks great! Bunny liked doing that work. We need to do it some more before I move her on! I hope Kal-El get feeling better. We have been feeling a little bad too! Happy Schooling!