Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fraction Work

These pictures are over a week old, but I am still catching up.  Kal-el initiated a flurry of fraction work.  He was super motivated because he needed to understand fractions to decipher a code in a book he is reading.  He is reading the first book in the Spy X series.  If you have a little boy that is interested in spies, the "spy training" part of the Spy X website is very fun.  Working through the spy training together was probably one of our most memorable bonding moments ever.  In the Spy X book that he was reading, he ran across a code that could only be solved using fractions.  He asked me to teach him fractions so he could break the code.

Writing his own denominators.

on the mat

Adding his first numerators.

Fetching fractions that I write on the white board.

Finally, he was able to come back to the work he was doing at the kitchen table with his spy book.  I taught him how to turn the fraction into a decimal using the calculator.  This allowed him to crack the code!


  1. Awesome work! Bunny just did this work yesterday and loved it! It looks like you guys are having an awesome school year so far!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I got a kick out of seeing Bunny doing the same work this week!

  3. Lovely Work!, Mr. Spy!,,,,, you're doing Awesome,!,,,

  4. Nothing like a little code-cracking to get the learning going ;) My son does the same thing :)