Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Montessori Grammar: Articles, Day five

Well, this is certainly not my "shining moment" as a photographer.  What this is a picture of is our grammar work from yesterday.  Like nearly all of my photos, it will get bigger if you click on it.

I created a columns of buttons, beads, airplanes, erasers, and umbrellas.  I labelled each individual item accordingly (a button, a bead, an airplane, an umbrella, an eraser).  It was Kal-El and Me Too's job to figure out why some used the article "an" while others used the article "a".  It was very easy later to notice whenever "an" was used in the books they were reading.  We have to spend a little time contrasting "a/an" with the uses of "the", but soon we'll be moving on to adjectives!


  1. This is a cool way to teach this. I didnt do the a/an this year since it said that it was a second year presentation and this is our first grammar year. I will have to keep this in mind though! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stephanie,

    This is our first grammar year too. I think our album might have said it was second year also, at least one of them did. I did it anyway because Kal-El was noticing the "an" in his reading and asked about it.

  3. Yup, just looked it up. My albums disagree with one another here. Some say second year some say first year. Are you using Elizabeth's album for grammar? I'd be interested to know. I have FOUR grammar albums, none of which are Elizabeth's. They were split 50/50 on this lesson. You could be the tie-breaker, LOL!

    We are cruising through geometry to be ready for the detective adjective game in time!

  4. I am acutally not sure. Her albums just say age 6. So I guess first year! I am acutally using CD for the grammar since they had all the great stories that went with the presentation! I think that if Kal-El asked about it, then I would have presented it too. Bunny isnt reading too much yet, so I will wait until we get there! It sounds like you guys are having a great year!

  5. (Elizabeth's will likely match KOTU)

    These are just the sort of lessons that you get to pick and choose - if interest is high, skills are there, and there is an experience that makes it matter, go with it ;) Otherwise, it can hold off.

    When I first presented to my son, he had NO interest, but he was having serious issues in his writing, in his speech usage -- so he got it without any interest at all! Once he received the presentation and worked with the cards himself for a bit, he started picking up on it in his reading, especially in reading Redwall with all the dialects. Which led to a study of dialects. Which led to a study of language changes over time. Which led to a study of ancient languages, which tied back in with his previous and ongoing studies in ancient cultures. Anyone else's eyes spinning ;)

    I just love how it all comes back around the child's interest!