Monday, October 15, 2012

More Volcanoes!

The volcano made multiple appearances last week.  We read several books about volcanoes including:

Of the three, Franklyn Branley's book was by far the best, at least for this age level.  However, the boys' favorite was the DK version because it has lots of flaps and a pop-up eruption.

While I'm on the subject of volcanoes we also watched two DVD's this week: Bill Nye The Science Guy: Volcanoes , and Volcano (DK Eyewitness DVD).  Neither was ideal for this age level.

Relating my own personal experiences to the boys with the help of a photo album and YouTube was much more successful.  Kal-El was very interested to learn that he has been on the ground at the sites of not one, but two active utero.  When I was five months pregnant with him (Kal-El), my husband and I spent a few weeks in Costa Rica.  So, I pulled out the photo album and showed him a picture I took of Poas while standing on the rim of the crater with him in my tummy! Me Too asked Kal-El "did you peek out of Mommy's belly button while you were there?"

Image Source: Wikipedia

Our trip to Costa Rica was apparently the last trip we took with a film camera, so will pull an online photo rather than take a photo of a photo :)

I was also able to show him video of an eruption at Poas thanks to YouTube.

We also visited Vocan Arenal.

We did see lava running down at night like this.

It is a picture-perfect vocano, and a little spooky to see in the background as you go about your day in La Fortuna.  I showed the boys this YouTube video:


The boys also loved watching this Etna eruption (it is labelled Arenal, but it is in fact Etna) on YouTube:

My husband has been to a few more volcanoes than I have, although he cannot boast Kal-El as an onboard passenger.  Hopefully he will share some more personal stories and photos with the boys soon.  


  1. You might want to discuss Krakatoa and pyroclastic flow. They can get the idea of a wind that is hot and strong. They can imagine the wind knocking down everything in its path. (Mt. St. Helen's has scars from its pyroclastic flow.

    I remember one of the boys opening a bag of popcorn and the hot air "burning" his hand. "I got pyroclasted," he exclaimed!

    It also has a major role to play later in migrations (and the movements of people groups in the Copper/Bronze age Egypt/Palestine area) dealing from the eruption of Santorini in 1600BC.

  2. Lots of good resources that i am sure will keep DJ busy. He has become interest in his volcanoe again since exploring the Time Line of Life. We have the same volcanoe and love it! Very easy to clean:) Thank you for sharing.