Saturday, October 27, 2012

School Days

As always, I have a random collection of pictures at the end of the week that will give you a glimpse of some of the boys' activities.

Here Kal-El is using the second addition control chart to check the answers on equations he wrote in his addition book while working with the LAST addition chart.  He finished the last chart this week!  Next week he will start the subtraction charts.

Me Too doing his All About Spelling work using the Montessori movable alphabet.  The boys like the small, two-colored movable alphabet best (we have four different kinds).  They like it even better when I shove a field guide under the back like this to prop the box at an angle.

Someone had to leave mid-pin-punching to use the restroom!

He's back!

Kal-El has been practicing skip counting forward and backwards using the cubing chain of three.  We played a few hands of Speed! using the 3's deck for further practice.

Kal-El likes to write his All About Spelling words and phrases on the Handwriting Without Tears two-lined chalkboard.

Me Too likes to repeat math works!  He has been begging me to put cards and counters back out (I recently removed all of the early primary works from our shelves).  He likes to do the 100 board, but doesn't like to sort out the tiles first.  So, this week I showed him how he could put the tiles on the board in a non-linear fashion.  He is interested, but will not pull the tiles randomly.  He starts by searching for his "favorite" numbers...100, 1, 10, 99, anything that ends with "3", anything that ends with "2" (27, 54, and 84 are on there because they were the examples I showed him).  After a little while he decided this was like completing a "puzzle" and proceded to do all of the "edge pieces" first.

It is funny how different the boys are.  Kal-El did the 100 board once and figured out by the early 30's what all the patterns were that can serve as a control of error.  The second time he did the chart he started pulling the tiles randomly on his own and he told me how it should work.  Me Too had a lot of trouble placing tiles until there was one tile in each row.  Kal-El was 5 years and 11 months old at that time.  Me Too is 5 years and 3 months old.  That's more than a half-year younger.  I wish I knew whether it is the age difference or the personality difference.


  1. That's a good sign when they want to repeat math work. You never know what they may discover. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You are doing such a great job!
    The kids look like they are really enjoying themselves.
    I was wondering if you will be doing multiplication after addition?
    During my internship I've seen how easily multiplication comes to the kids after addition. Some are doing addition story problems, multiplication stamps or bead frame and subtraction stamps and the booklets with bead bars if they need them.

  3. Gigi,

    That's an interesting question...making me think.

    When Kal-El began the collective exercises with the golden beads I showed him all four operations within a week or so and then we continued practice on them all simultaneously. He has done all four operations with the stamp game (at least basically). Also, he has been memorizing the skip counting of all of the bead chains and practicing that with Speed! and songs, which in my mind is memorizing multiplication facts in a way.

    I was planning on doing the subtraction boards next because of the strong correlation to the addition facts he just memorized. I was hoping the subtraction facts would reinforce his addition facts. I also have been warned to try to make most of the kids multiplication experiences a function of area rather than repeat addition...but that's hard to do.

    Would love to hear more of your thoughts!