Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1000 Chain!

Me Too started his 1000 chain yesterday!  His first job was to learn how to roll out the loooooong green rug.  Then he had to learn how to take the chain off of the cabinet (above) and lay it out on the rug without tying himself up like a little golden mummy.

Laying out all of the arrows in columns by category can be a daunting task.

I made him some column headers to make his job a little easier.

And finally, he gets to label the chain!  This project takes several days.  When Kal-El did this task we made the mistake of doing it too close to Christmas.  Not only did was the Christmas tree in the way of the rug and chain (we had to do a big 90-degree bend when we bumped up against the wall in the office) but we had houseguests who had to step around a 1000 chain for a week.  Me Too has a little motivation to not let this project drag on and on.  I told him we can put up the Christmas tree when he is finished.  This should guarantee that he finishes the chain before we host Thanksgiving.  The chain and rug do travel right past our front door.  Right now we have a "Welcome to my home!  Please carefully step over my kid's math" situation.  We also have to step over it every time we go up and down the stairs.

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  1. "without tying himself up like a little golden mummy"

    But that's half the fun ;)

    The first time I did the 1000 chain with a child, was in a Montessori school during my student teaching. Long story, but I was essentially bringing normalization and real work back to the children (the directress was quite sick that year) --- so despite being forewarned in my training that the other aides and assistants and office staff do NOT appreciate the work of the 1000 chain, I anticipated no issues with the assistant and office staff (of which I comprised 75% of the office staff anyway ;) ) ---- WOW! How upset they were that THEY had to bend (for 2 days!) their lives around a child's work that was bringing him JOY where before this child had serious issues related to lack of normalization. Really!?

    But I focused on the children and how much they LOVED this big work.

    Homeschooling is wonderful because we CAN work our lives around the children's education ;)

  2. Accomplishing the 1000 chain is like conquering the world. I love this work!! and you are smart to leave it out while Me Too is working on it. Unfortunately DJ had to start every time from the beginning:( It is fun and often I have done this work to bring calmness into the classroom when the children were on the verge of running wild. Love it! I imagine your homeschool classroom invites lots of conversation from your house guest. Way to go Me Too!!

  3. Morning - just voted. All the best!

    Thank you for your amazing blogging. I use your resources all the time!