Friday, November 2, 2012

School Days

I hope you enjoy this little weeks-end round-up of some of the boys' work this week!

Kal-El was the one seized with the urge to stack the bead cubes, but Me Too quickly stole the work out from under him.

Me Too was reviewing "sn" words this week.  He said, "Quick!  Give me the pen!  I want to write my favorite 'sn' word!"  It was "snuggle."

Me Too is working on the parts-of-an-equation nomenclature.

This activity is not in any of my albums (that I've noticed, LOL!) but I have seen it on a video.

Me Too worked through same material to practice the nomenclature for subtraction as well.

Me Too is gearing up for the addition boards.  He has mastered the addition snake game.  He will be recording his work during that stage and we need to get him ready.  Here he is working on the numbers pages in his Handwriting Without Tears book.

Last week the boys watched a Sid the Science Kid Halloween show.  Here Kal-El is making a spiderweb from yarn just like he saw on the show.

Kal-El drew his "dream science lab." It has three lab tables, three sets of goggles, and three lab coats (one each for Kal-El, Me Too, and Mommy).  It also has a sink, microscope, several magnets, and a set of "science drawers" like the blue ones you can see in our classroom in the photo below.

This week Kal-El worked on the long and short chains of eight.  After labeling the short chains he works by himself at memorizing until he can recite the sequence both ascending and descending.  Above his eyes are closed as he tests himself.

The next day (notice the outfit change from a Wolverine costume to Batman pajamas) he laid out his labels for the long chain.

Finally, he started work labeling the long chain.

Me Too worked through the Carson-Dellosa "Learning To Sequence" 4-Scene Set.

Me Too reviewed all of the different consonant blends that begin with "s" this week.  Here he is doing a sentence to picture matching exercise.

Both boys worked on different lessons from All About Spelling this week.  Here Me Too is spelling words from a spelling list with the movable alphabet.  I didn't photograph Kal-El's work, but I will try to next week.

There are a lot of works that aren't pictured, but this should give you a feel for our week!  Kal-El did a lot of addition snake work this week in preparation for the subtraction memorization sequence.  I plan to post next week about differences in approaches to the addition snake game and how and when we use them.

Happy schooling!


  1. I can totally relate to Kal-El closing his eyes while he was testing himself. I am tickled!! Snuggle:) Another thing I can relate to. I really like how you guys do math, it is always interesting to see it in action. Love the picture of the science lab. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Awesome work! I love how fast Me-Too is learning and progressing! It is so impressive! Kal-El is doing so much amazing work too! Way to go all of you! I would love to hear your thoughts on the snake game! Thanks for sharing! You are a super mom!

  3. Snuggle! I love that!


    I have not seen that nomenclature work like that before - just giving it orally - I LIKE that! I myself have written slips for the terms and labeled parts of an equation we'd already done, but it's not in my albums ;)

    I am interested in your comparison on the snake games too. I didn't really get into them at all until after I'd training, so my experience is skewed that direction ;) It is hard for me to compare the different styles as a non-bias homeschool mom :)

  4. DM, Stephanie:

    You guys are doing great too! It's fun to have an online crowd to cheer each other on!


    I have given the nomenclature to Kal-El orally every time with the stamp game and he STILL doesn't know it. I thought I'd try to do better with Me Too. With Me Too I give him the nomenclature each time he does the golden beads. He not only doesn't know the nomeclature, but when I spot check his understanding of the operations he just calls it whatever the last operation was that he did with the golden beads was. So, I'll put two quantities of raisins together at the dinner table and ask "is that addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division" and he'll say "multiplication" if that's the last golden bead equation we did.

    I suspect it has something to do with how long it takes to do a golden beads equation in a homeschool setting (without several kids helping to speed it up) and also the lack of seeing many other kids doing it all day. He can only do so many repetitions each day and it's not enough to "get it."

    I liked these little operations boards because when you use such small quantities you can do many examples each day. That means triple or quadruple the exposure to both the operation and the nomenclature. We'll see how it goes.

    This goes back to how horrified I was at the beginning when I receive your albums and realized I was perhaps expected to get them through the primary albums by the end of primary. I thought maybe I held Kal-El back, so I'm trying not to do so with Me Too. But, we literally CANNOT go any faster. He does not have the understanding. That might have something to do with how many days and how many hours we work at home. In a Monti school he would have two work periods each day, five days a week. We do one work period each day, four days a week. And, I'm not willing to do more. So, I guess we'll just get there when we get there.

  5. I love your line "We'll get there when we get there."

    You've got it :)

    The thing with my son - he skipped over all the memorization stuff. He did it. But didn't repeat. Didn't care. Life got in the way - and now, years later (when he's "too old") he LOVES it!

    And other things - he took his sweet time with certain concepts - then all of sudden, sailed through huge sections; then back to plodding along, solidifying it all....

    No-one can tell you (or me) precisely where a child should be from one week to the next, let alone years down the road ;)

    As long as we're not holding them back (or pushing too hard), they're FINE to take their time.

    "Get there when they get there."


    By the way, I made up some cardstock sheets last night with the nomenclature - and laminated them - for use in our co-op. I then taped little paper flaps over the titles - so the children can do some small operations work like you had in the post, then I can flip up the flaps to reveal the name of each part of the equation. I think they'll like that ;)

  6. Wow!! Love your week!! Your boys doing amazing!!! Love the long chains work and his concentration to memorize it!! Lovely!!

  7. This is so helpful! Thanks for sharing all the nitty gritty--it's the details that trip me up :)